SixSigma HVAC New Email Host

SixSigma HVAC New Email Host

Welcome to your New Hosting


The new hosting for SixsigmaHVAC services has been set up. This change includes a new host for your email services and web server space for your website among other services available.  First thing for you to change is your Outlook and mobile device settings.


All existing email accounts had been backed up and restored onto the new server.  A new web page is about to happen but in the mean time you can check the temporary one here.


Here are the new incoming and outgoing server settings.  IMAP service is what you need to use in order to synchronize across your devices.  AVOID Pop3 Service at all counts.

  • Authentication is required for IMAP and SMTP.

Incoming Server Settings

Incoming Server:

IMAP Port: 


Encryption Type


Outgoing Server Settings

Outgoing Server:

SMTP Port: 


Encryption Type


Existing Accounts on Outlook


All we need to accomplish here is change the IMAP account incoming and outgoing servers


  • On Outlook go to File > Info tab > Account Settings Button.

    Account Settings


  • Select account and click the “Change…” icon.

    Select your @sixsigmahvac account


  • Change the incoming and outgoing server names from the imap/ to for both incoming and outgoing servers.
  • If you were provided with a new password also change it and make sure to check the “Remember password” checkbox.

    Change Servers to


  • This should be enough to take into effect the change to the new mail server.
  • Click Next and Outlook will try to login to the new server and try to sent a test email.

    Test email in progress and passed OK


If any problem arises or persists, feel free to contact me.

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