Oracle’s Java Updates: Beware of Foistware!

Oracle’s Java Updates: Beware of Foistware!

Foistware is software downloaded to a computer without the owner’s knowledge, which puts hidden components on a system, and attempts to bait the unsuspecting into purchasing another software remedy.If you install a Java update without paying attention to the options, your pc will end up with the McAfee Security Scanner and Ask Toolbar on your web browser.  These installations introduce unnecessary and unwanted software that can be from just annoying to a move that breaks havoc on your system, especially the McAfee software which I have been witness to the mess it can create if you have another antivirus software.

To this day I cannot figure out how a “reputable” software company engages in such practice.  To many of us the Java plug-in for web browsers is a critical component for day to day operations.  For me it is not such a problem since I am always on the look while installing software but to the unsuspecting user it can be disastrous.

The remedy is not that difficult to implement but why we have to be in such trouble in the first place?

Oracle has to clean its act.

For more in-depth information go to this article on ZD Net: