How good is a network infrastructure if you can’t get to it?

Your Home Network

In today’s world, the complications of running your network being at your work place or at home, are increasingly complicated.  If you are at home, the complications might not be that apparent and only you realize things are going wrong until they do impact your network performance; calls are not getting through or are of bat quality, internet is slow on every computer at home and if you have bundled services maybe your cable tv signal is bad.  Too many things depend now on your communication services at home.  The choices are endless and it is hard to figure out which way to go.  Design and multimedia is here to help you make the right decision.

Your Work Network

Running your business network is critical to your success.  Without the right network configuration, the potential for downtime and revenue loss due to the inability to respond to your customers can have the most negative impact.  With an increasing integration of business communications running on your internet bandwidth, the choice of the right solution for voice, data and video becomes critical.  We have years of experience helping our customers find the best possible solution on a wide array of budgets and company sizes.

We build networks from the ground up

From choosing and brokering your internet service provider laying cable, racks and IT environment setup through server and end user workstations, DSGMM has you covered.

And We
Get Your